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Immortal Lovers: The Ultimate Sacrifice is a compelling fantasy novel that takes readers through the experiences of a number of key characters, both mortal and immortal, as they seek survival and retribution for a generations-old wrong, all in the context of vampirism and voodoo, power and corruption, family ties, and personal relationships. The story is viewed through the eyes of multiple parties, and we are privy to the characters’ emotional turmoil, soul searching, and rationale for conduct as they try to come to grips and make peace with their pasts and build their futures. Variously set in small-town America, New Orleans’ French Quarter, and Paris, France, the action is driven by character interactions, their impressions and insights, and the influence of personal demons as they navigate the challenges of their situations. These in many ways reflect the reality of all our lives—love, death, fear, friendship, betrayal, and despair—making the story very relatable despite its fantastical basis, and I believe it will resonate strongly with the targeted readers.  

-Sylvia, CreateSpace Editor

This is one of the best paranormal romance thriller books you can read. Andrea used her experience and creativity skills to create suspense and passion in each paragraph. The personal attributes of the characters are well developed and will capture your attention from the first sentence to the last one.

​- Serious Reading

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