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Essence Macarthy gets a strange visitor, a lawyer bearing a locket with the initials "IC," a note from her late mother Emoni', and a large sum of money. The letter, which arrives shortly before her twenty-first birthday, tells her that more answers await in New Orleans.

The arrival of these elements comes as Essence’s dreams get deeper, seemingly pointing to a past that she can't yet understand. She also starts developing powers—including increased strength, agility, and speed.

When Essence discovers a family lineage that includes vampires and a curse placed upon her family by an evil sorceress, she knows now that nothing is as it seems. Her Aunt Sybil warns her not to go to New Orleans, but she can't shake off her curiosity.

What other secrets lie in New Orleans—and is it worth the risk to find out?

A paranormal romance thriller by author Andrea D. Collins, Immortal Lovers: The Ultimate Sacrifice is a page-turner filled with suspense and passion.